The Ultimate Bartender T-Shirt – Picklebacks For Everyone!

This is definitely a cool t-shirt for the tipsy bartender that’s had a little too much to drink while working and is giving shots out to the bar all night 😉  Today’s design pays tribute to America’s Favorite Shot… The Pickleback!

Picklebacks For Everyone! T-Shirt  – Available in either a royal blue or black 100% ring-spun cotton men’s t-shirt.  These tee’s make great gifts for your favorite bartender!

Men's Bartender T-Shirts - Picklebacks For Everyone!bar-shirt-ideas - Picklebacks-for-everyone

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Pickleback Shots

If you’ve ever frequented a bar in your life, you may have heard about the best liquor chaser in the entire world: pickle juice!  The juice is technically know as “brine” but that’s a weird word; so we’ll use juice instead.  Just remember not to say it three times in a row or Michael Keaton will appear. Picklejuice, Picklejuice, Pickle…nope.

Anyway, give it a try the next time you’re at your local watering hole. It’s simple to order:

What is a pickleback?
A shot of your favorite whiskey followed by a shot of pickle juice.
And…you’re done. Now do another!

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Picklebacks For Everyone!